A space in the heart of the midwest founded as a place where artists learn from each other, teach, and create new works.

Learn and create in Muncie, Indiana, home to the North American Laboratory for The Performing Arts.

All are welcome here!

A space created for change.

“The man who is born with a talent which he is meant to use finds his greatest happiness in using it.”  — Johann von Goethe

The North American Laboratory for the Performing Arts (NALPA) is dedicated to the exploration of expression across artistic forms, styles, and genres. NALPA brings together regional, national, and international artists, scholars, teachers, and students. NALPA empowers its participants to collaborate on new work and in doing so, become agents of change.

“The week I spent at NALPA was outstanding on many levels. The space is so inspiring, from the beauty of the mansion to the palpable creativity that is alive in the studio space. Jonathan’s teaching is superb, the mix of clarity and ambiguity he expertly weaves through each lesson left me feeling artistically challenged and charged with the deep desire to create. His commitment to the community of artists he works with is magnificent. The lens in which I view my theatre work was wiped clean and the horizon became clear once again. I have deep gratitude and joyfully look forward to another visit in the future.”

Trevin Gay 2018