Residency Program

NALPA is invested in the support of companies developing new work especially as involve the integration of genres and performance languages. Residencies allow for artists to completely immerse themselves in a place that both inspires and promotes creativity.

Individual artists (18 and older) and companies of up to 9 people are invited to apply.

Expenses to the artists include a nominal fee for housing, the cost breakfast and lunch (provided by the lab) and their travel to NALPA.

NALPA Provides:

  • 2 studio spaces one with a small proscenium style stage
  • Workshop space for creating puppets, masks, and props
  • Creative space for table work and composition
  • Opportunity to share work with other artists to gather feedback
  • A public showing of works-in-progress at our local civic theatre (within walking distance)
  • Wi-fi
  • Housed in the heart of the Emily Kimbrough Historic District
  • 2 blocks from the Cardinal Greenway (60 miles of beautiful rail trail)
  • Walking distance to downtown Muncie bars, restaurants and outdoor music venue
  • One-hour twenty minutes from both Indianapolis International Airport and Dayton International Airports


The Studio
The Big Studio

The main space at the Mansion is on the third floor and housed in the same location as the workshop for The large studio is 51’ x 17’ 867 sq ft.







small studio
The Small Studio

The small studio area is 330 sq ft on the second floor situated between some of the rooms. It is an excellent space for a breakout group to work.






Music Room









Artists in residence are asked to:

  • Present informal work-in-progress to the Muncie Community
  • Help maintain spaces (leaving spaces in the same condition as they were in upon arrival)
  • Participate in a Roundtable discussion on the development of the work as concerns performance language and basic principles
  • Agreement to include NALPA in the marketing of the company or artists work, website, and program credits of final production


For a residency application please contact Jonathan.

Past Residencies:


BSU Discovery New Musical Theatre Festival


May 15 – 22: Discovery New Musical Theatre Festival


Mad World Marquis
Mad World

May 25 – 29, 2015: Madworld development workshop with Christian Guerrero, Chandler Patton, and Steven Schmidt.

Break My Bones
Break My Bones

July 6-10, 2015: Break My Bones a short film. On location filming in the Lab spaces.

Walkabout Theatre Company Retreat
Walkabout Theatre Company Retreat

September 25 – 27, 2015 Walkabout Theatre Company Retreat