A space in the heart of the midwest founded as a place where artists can learn from each other, teach and create new work.

Participate in a creative act.  Create change and what better place to do it than in the center of the United States in Muncie, Indiana.

All are welcome here!

The Summer of 2017 will offer two workshops in attempt to get us started:

Humanity and Story: The Rise And Fall Of The Other

Date: June 22nd – 29th

Cost: $475 Includes tuition/housing/breakfast and lunch.


This eight-day intensive will explore the creation of a theatrical language that combines mask, puppet, dance, music, poetry and text. It is a time for creation intended for playwrights, poets, actors, composers, dancers, creators, storytellers and puppeteers.

The intensive will take place in the studio spaces at The North American Laboratory for the Performing Arts that include the production shop of The spaces can support creation and building on all levels.

The theme of the workshop will be “The Rise and Fall and The Other” Workshop participants will be given research assignments prior to the workshop to help facilitate creation.

Daily schedule will include 6 hours of instruction per day plus extended hours for building masks, puppets, composing music and writing.

If you want to register for the workshop please click here and send an email to Jonathan.

Humanity and Story: The Other Today

Extension to “Rise and Fall”

Date: July 7th-14th
Cost: $475 Includes tuition/housing/materials/breakfast and lunch.

Workshop participants will physically explore the dynamics, rhythmic life and form of the passions (love, lust, rage, anguish, pride, jealousy…) and then be guided in the application of the physical explorations to the creation of a mask that plays. The first half of the week participants will spend half the day in physical exploration and half the day in building, drawing, sculpting and painting in an attempt to capture kinesthetic understanding in form and material. The second half of the week will involve the creation of a mask for performance, the performance of existing masks and the debut of the mask created in the workshop.

This workshop is intended for actors, designers, sculptors, dancers and architects and all those in between who find the exploration of rhythm, space and form of interest in the quest to understand the basic principles common to all forms of art.

This workshop will be led by Jonathan Becker.

If you want to register for the workshop please click here and send an email to Jonathan.

 A Training Workshop: The Mask in Actor Training

Date: July 15th-21st

Cost: $475 Includes tuition/housing/materials/breakfast and lunch.