Teaching Artists

Teaching artists from the United states, Canada and Mexico have been invited to offer workshops at the lab. The invited artists represent a wide range of artistic genres. Learn about the artists teaching this season’s workshops here.

Jonathan Becker

Jonathan Becker - Artistic Director
Jonathan Becker – Artistic Director

Jonathan Becker began seriously sculpting theatre masks while a student of The Movement Laboratory (L.E.M.) an autonomous part of The International School of Theatre Jacques Lecoq in Paris, France in 1986. In the L.E.M. students studied the relationships between the human body, architecture and the theatre. The course pursued knowledge of movement in its dynamics (rhythm, space, force) and in its dramatics (passions, conflicts, combats). One studied the physical actions of the human body in order to better understand the interplay of the forces governing a structured space and recognizing its tensions, sense of pushing and range. The objective of the work in this laboratory was the creation of living sculpture.

Inanimate objects that either appear to be in movement while at rest or come to life as they are moved through the space. Jonathan has spent the last 23 years applying the knowledge of living sculpture gained in the L.E.M to the sculpting of masks for theatrical use.

In addition has performed throughout Europe, Asia and the United States and has appeared as an actor in programs with most of the major symphony orchestras in North America. He co-founded and was Co-Artistic Director of two theatre companies: Les Senokrates in Luzern, Switzerland and The Brodeur Brothers in Paris, France. Since 1988, Jonathan has helped in the development of fifteen original plays. His teaching credits include work as a guest artist in professional theatres, colleges, universities and private workshops throughout Europe, Asia and the United States.

Jonathan also works as an Assistant Professor of Movement and Acting in Ball State University’s Department of Theatre and Dance.